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Friday, July 14, 2017

Gtb Mobile banking Registration

This is a new document made due to recent changes in the online platform of banks in Nigeria.
Gtb mobile banking registration  can be done using this two methods

GTB stands for Guaranteed Trust Bank
gtb mobile banking

How to Register for the Gt Mobile Banking

1. Download the GTbank mobile money application into your smartphone (i.e android, iphone, blackberry,java, e.t.c, having in mind that each of these listed devices have their own file formats)

2. Buy a simcard with 'Mobile Money Sim Tool Kit ' already installed in it (as of this time in 2017, only etisalat lines are 'Mobile Money Sim Tool Kit enabled'.

(Note:// All those that have the etisalat 'Mobile Money Sim tool Kit enable' probably do not need to download the gtb mobile banking app because these registration procedures are the same but in different ways. It is the same because you are going to fill in the same valid information for the two procedures but different because no. 1's registration is being done inside the app, while no. 2 is being done in the sim menu.)

3After Downloading the Gtb mobile banking app for your smartphone, launch the application and the Click on Sign Up.
gtb mobile banking app

Download GTbank Mobile App for ANDROID HERE for BLACKBERRY HERE

4. Some questions would be asked and your would be required to provide the answers, i.e in simple terms 'fill in the registration for with the relevant details. Examples of the king o questions to be asked includes 'Your First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth ,etc.

The answers provided should be accurate because these details are what you would be using to retrieve your Mobile banking pin should you forget it or probably want to change your present pin.

6. After you must have filled in the form, you will then receive a text message containing your activation  token which is a 6digits pin e.g. 334455.

7. Proceed by clicking on activate on the home screen to activate your account.

On your etisalat sim,

*Go to SIM menu
**Select Mobile Money and then select GTBank
***Select My Account
****Select Register and provide answers to the questions asked. i.e. First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth,e.t.c

As in step 1, answer the questions with valid answers as related to your account and  you will receive a text message containing your activation  token (6 digits)  e.g. 334455.

How to Activate Your Gtb Mobile Banking

To Activate your  Gtb mobile banking, follow the steps below

i. Go to the GTMobile Money app and click on activate.

ii. Enter your activation token (6 digits) e.g. 552256

iii. Choose a four digit account PIN e.g. 4357; Repeat the PIN to confirm that you entered it correctly the first time. This is your acccount security.

You will receive a welcome text message from GTBank that  Your MobileMoney account is ready for use.

Note: this service cannot work if you do not have an already registered account with gtbank. To open a new Gtbank account has been made easy and very fast.

How to open a new Gtbank Account Online 

To open a new Gtbank account by yourself , quickly click HERE . 
On the page that opens, select from the menu ,  'ACCOUNT OPENING' then tick the 'i am not a robot' and submit form.
gtbank account opening
A new page will open and a form will appear asking you to fill. Provide this information in the space provided and click submit.
For easy access , if you already have a bvn number, just type it into the space provided and then validate the bvn. In a few seconds, your account details will appear except your email which you have to insert.
gtbank account opening 2
Select your location and click on continue. In a few moment, a page containing your account details will appear. This process is just for people in Nigeria.

 After opening, you can got back to top to start the mobile banking registration process.
And with this, welcome to GTBANK MOBILE BANKING.

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1 comment:

  1. AnonymousJuly 14, 2017

    I love gtbank. They have the best service in Nigeria.


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