Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Acting OAU Vice Chancellor arrested and Probed for 1bn naira As The School goes on Protest

The Acting Vice Chancellor of The Obafemi Awolowo University Ibadan (OAU), Prof. Anthony Elujoba have been arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC and quizzed concerning an alleged payment of Hazard allowances to the University workers tolled to be up to n1billion naira.
oau protest
The protesters convening at the freedom park

The Academic and non-academic staffs of the University alongside the students of the University, National Association of Academic Technologists and the Students' Union SU went on a Solidarity protest on behalf of the Vice Chancellor demanding for his immediate release from the Efcc. They were seen singing solidarity songs and carrying placards with their demands written on it.

people protestingoau students protesting According to the placards the protester carried, they alleged that the acting vice chancellor should be let go of any charges laid against him, further stating the the previous Vice Chancellor Omole is the man behind the probe of the acting vice chancellor and should be probed by the Efcc instead.
Is it bad to pay workers their allowances?? This was the question the protesters were asking, further stating that the Acting Vice chancellor is their saviour.

The Workers abandoned their official duties as they congregated at the Popular Freedom Park from where the protest started. The protest continued until they got to the gates of the Efcc office in Ibadan.  They even threatened to carry out an all night protest for days if their demands were not met. See one more  picture below!!
oau vice chancellor

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