Friday, November 18, 2016

Denrele Edun all set for his Calabar Photowalk scheduled to hold tomorrow Nov 19

denrele edun photo
Denrele Edun is a household name. He became popular because of his insanely high shoes, his fashion style and his amazing lifestyle, dedication and fines at whatever he sets his hands to do. He is like the Fashion god in Africa. Recently he was referred to as the most photographed individual. He is set to be in calabar for the Calabar Photowalk with Denrele tomorrow Nov. 19, 2016 which promises to be the best. The clipart of this event is the best i have seen for any show in 2016. Amazing!!! Amazing!!! Amazing!!!

Denrele Celebrates dad Adekunle Alaba Edun's Birthday 

Earlier today, Denrele celebrate his dads birthday. Denrele wrote a poem to his dad on his birthday. Read the poem below:
denrele eduns dad adekunle

denrele_edun :HBD to my DAD, Mr ADEKUNLE ALABA EDUN!
Ever since my life began,
I realized that "You da man!"
I saw your wisdom, your courage too,
And I learned I could rely on you.

Your tolerant nature was really great;
Nevertheless, you'd not hesitate
To let me know when I'd been bad;
It must have been hard, but that's being a dad.

You're strong and smart and filled with love••
A gift to me from up above,
So here's a greeting from your biggest fan:
Happy Birthday, Dad, 'cause "You da man!" Former DJ, Food Technologist, Choir Warden, Church Worker now turned Fellow and above all, amazing FATHER to his children and childrens' friends!!!

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