Wednesday, October 5, 2016

How to Subscribe for Airtel 16gig data bundle for 8000naira in Nigeria 2016 fast and reliable with airtel smartspeedoo

Airtel Nigeria is at it again. You can now subscribe for 16gig on airtel now for just 8000 naira. Airtel data bundle and browsing speed is extra fast and reliable and i must tell you it is worth every single penny you spend.

Airtel Smartspeedoo offers you 16gigabyte at 8000naira in naira and the subscription is valid for one month. TinyDeal INT How to Subscribe For the Airtel 16gig databundle for 8000naira for one month You are one step awa from subscribing to the 16gig data bundle on the airtel network. This bundle is for all game lovers, youtube lovers, web designers and heavy data users that love the internet so much. Learn how to subscribe below.

Aliexpress INT Airtel smart speedoo mega bundle comes with different bundles and works on all phones be it blackberry, android and can even be used on laptops without tweaking, just turn on your hotspot and you are good to go. To subscribe for the airtel 16gig data bundle,
 1. Recharge the 8000naira recharge into your phones
2. dial *141#
3. Select the buy data option by pressing 1 and send
4. Select mega data by selecting option
5 and send select option 2 and and press 1 to activate.

You will recieve a reply shortly congratulating you for a successful subscription. There are lots of other cheap subscription offers on the same menu on airtel smart speedoo which includes
5000 naira for 10gig for 30days 
10,000naira for 22gig for 30days 
15,000naira for 30gig for 60days 
36,000naira for 50 gig valid for 180 days

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