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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The worst thing that could have happened to me has happened, I'll become greater in Gods name.. comedian basket mouth comes out strong after mums death

Nigerian Comedian Basketmouth has released a statement following his mums death two days ago. Basket and family have been passing through trying times this year. First, they were robbed in their home in lagos and not up to two weeks later, comedian basketmouth's mother died.
comedian basketmouth
comedian basketmouth

The Comedian took to his instagram page to assure his fans that the worst has already happened and he is cerrtainly going to pull through it completely, his career and life will still move on and flourish. He posted the photo above and wrote the following with it...
The worst thing that could have happened to me has happened. You know, before Alice got into wonderland, she had to fall. I've taken a great fall, but the amazing thing about falling is there's nowhere to go but up. I have gained a deeper understanding of life and time. I'll become greater in Gods name. And I have faith that everything will work out for the best... for now I'll just breathe and believe in God.
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basket mouths mother is dead
photo of basketmouths dead mother

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