Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Woman Stabbed 22times By boyfriend dies in india

A 21-year old woman was stabbed 22 times
by her jilted lover on Tuesday morning in full
public view in Burari, north Delhi, India and
nobody came to her rescue.
The video footage shows the assailant chasing
the woman and stabbing her, and as she fell
to the ground, the man continued stabbing
her as passers-by walked past while
others watched in fear.
One Passer-by tried to intervene but was
threatened by the monstrous assailant who
pointed the knife he was holding at him.
When it seemed like she was unconscious,
he flipped her to the other side and continued
stabbing her. At one point he kicked her in
the head after trying to choke her.
The woman identified as Karuna, a teacher,
was brought dead at Sushruta Trauma Centre
in ISBT.
"The woman was stabbed publicly in
Burari area at 9am by the accused,
named Surender Singh, 34, who was
known to her. No one came to her
rescue," Deputy Commissioner of Police
(North) Madhur Verma told reporters.
He was later chased by the public and
beaten up and handed over to police.
The assailant had been troubling the
woman since a year or so. The family
had lodged a complaint four-five
months back and both the families
had reached a compromise. The
suspect's divorce case was ongoing.
There were 22 stab wounds on the
deceased's body," the officer added.


The culprit
Family of the Deceased when they found she died at the hospital

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