Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Chinese Billionaire son buys eight iPhone7s for his dog

A Chinese billionaires (Wang Jianlin) son (Wang Sicong bought eight (8) iPhone 7 for his dog.

Chinese Billionaire Wang Jianlin is  one of China's richest men.

His son Wang sichong is notorious for his ostentatious display of wealth.

Apple fans queued up across China last week to get their hands on the latest iPhone 7, while others tried to smuggle
handsets in from Hong Kong.

Dog with 8 iphone 7

billionaire Wang Jianlin is the owner of Coco's.
His son Wang Sicong is estimated to worth $30
Sicong bought eight iPhone 7 handsets on the day of its release for his dog.
His dog even has a verified Weibo social media account -- China's equivalent of Twitter.This was where he posted the pictures.

What's with the show off?? Well that's the rich being rich!!!

Stay tuned!! More to come!!

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