Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Wizkhalifa High Road Tour (see photos)

Wizkhalifa has been on tour for the last couple months. We all know he has the craziest ideas when it comes to stage performances. This gives him the attention he deserves when ever he steps on stage.

Wizkhalifa was see with a whole lot of celebrities on this tour and even went ahead to say this

"This is the most amazing tour ever. We might not get credits we deserve but get the love we deserve. As two of the biggest icons in music we are humbled every night to have such loyal and devoted fans who spend their time, anniversaries , birthday, etc with us. It doesn't go un noticed.

(Now this is the part that got me laughing) he said

To everyone who smokes weed and gets slept on because of it, we got this, just keep smoking and taking the High Road.

Now is he advicing people to smoke??? Laughs...
Well that's why we love Khalifa.

He was pictured with celebrities like @djmotormane snoopdogg and a whole lot more.

Check out more pictures.


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