Sunday, August 7, 2016

Popular Nigerian Blogger Linda Ikeji Moves into 85million Naira Office in lagos

It has been revealed in an exclusive that
Linda Ikeji has turned her online blog
into a budding empire. She has moved
into her own offices and plans to expand
the Linda Ikeji brand. Here is what the
article said:
‘Sunday Scoop can exclusively reveal
that the blogger recently moved into
an office whose rent has been
estimated to be about N10m per
annum in highbrow Lekki Phase 1.
The building, we learnt, has been
partitioned into 22-room offices,
housing studio, editing suite, two
lounges, VIP waiting room, radio
booth, section for her yet- to- be
unveiled Linda Ikeji Music, LIS
administrative office, bloggers office
and her own office.

Ikeji, who has engaged the services of
top professionals to man different
departments, is launching two
additional businesses that are online
related, TV programmes and an online

One of the businesses she will be
launching is Linda Ikeji Music, which
we learnt will be in competition with
NotjustOk. The other one is LIS which
might have something to do with
“Linda has finally registered her
company and is planning to move on
to greater things beyond the success
that everybody can see. She feels
there is still much that she could still
achieve, there are unconquered
territories and many unexplored
opportunities between the worlds of
social media she needs to explore.
She is not just satisfied with being
the number one blogger and she
doesn’t want to remain a one-man
business anymore. She has the track
record and what it takes to function
as one of the business houses in
Africa and that is what she is doing,”
A source in the know told Sunday

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