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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Nupeng Reveals Why Kerosene was Sold for 200naira over liter pump price is now 150naira

The Nigeria Union of
Petroleum and Natural Gas
Workers (NUPENG) says the
Nigeria National Petroleum
Corporation (NNPC) has fixed N150 per litre as the official pump price of kerosene.

They revealed that most of the filling stations selling
kerosene between N200 and
N220 as the pump price was
as a result of additional
money on transportation of the product and some other levies paid by marketers.

Consequently, marketers will now add all these expenses to the depot price to arrive at
N190, N200 or N220
depending on their locations.
NAN reports that the Federal Government Jan. 24 increased the price of kerosene from N50 per litre
from N83 per litre removing subsidy from the product.

This reduction in price will help marketers and investors a lot.

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