Thursday, August 4, 2016

Niger-Delta-Avengers-NDA release Must-Do list to Buhari

The Niger-Delta-Avenger have released a list of their needs to President Buhari.
These needs are for Niger Delta communities and if these needs are met by President Muhammadu
Our agitations in the region would be
laid to rest.

The Niger
Delta Cleanser, NDC, revealed that it had
Studied the events leading to the recent attack on oil facilities belonging multinational companies in the Niger Delta Region.
It added that the measures already taken by President Buhari to resolve these issues were not apt.
The spokesman of NDC Mr. Fikenibai Miesin sais that the only solution to
the problems in the Niger Delta Region was the
provision of critical needs of the people of the oil rich region.
Miesin revealed that the conditions layed down by the group was

(1) for the Federal
government and the multi-national oil
company to clean up and remediate the Niger Delta environment to make its
viable for agricultural purposes.
(2) The federal government
should make (PMS) petrol available to every community in the Niger
Delta Region,Nigeria.

(3)All operational head offices of multi-national oil companies should be
situated within the host communities while
the Corporate Head Office should be situated in cities within the NigerDelta.

(4) The Federal government should pay the Amnesty allowances regularly to the beneficiaries.

(5)The oil companies should withdraw all pending oil compensation cases at all superior courts of record and compensation to the plaintiffs immediately.

(6) The pipeline security contract should not
be awarded to any person outside each
community territory.
(7) The federal government should convene a meeting of
all genuine Agitators in Niger Delta to
discuss a way out of this quagmire.”

He added that all oil block licenses
should be revoked and the proceeds be repatriated to the federal government in line with extant laws on ownership of mineral resources, or FG should cede all oil
blocks to the Niger Deltans.

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