Monday, August 8, 2016

How to Know Your Glo Phone Number

A lot of internet data bundle subscribers in Nigeria have moved to glo ever since Glo released their unbelievably cheap glo data bundle plan of 10gig for 2,500naira and 6gig for 2000naira.

But a lot of these Glo subscribers do not bother to know their phone numbers and this is bad because Glo offers a whole lot more to you and getting to know your Glo phone number aids you to partake in other amazing services from Glo.

Take this scenario, you were with some friends watching a Glo sponsored TV program and they ask Glo users to send certain codes to certain numbers to win big and you reluctantly did, and after a while, a set of Glo phone numbers were released as the winners, how would you know you were among if you didn't know your glo phone number

You see the need to know your Glo Phone Number??

How To Know My Glo Mobile Phone Number

Its pretty easy!! All you have to do is
** Dial *135*8# and you see your number
displayed on your screen.

Hope this helped!!!

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