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How to change My Android IMEI to a Blackberry imei

Well, there has been lots of queries on Google concerning the topic 'How to change Android Imei' and I wanted to tap into that traffic and also deliver the simple techniques of how to change your android imei number into a blackberry imei.

This simple techniques will enable you to browse with your android phone using the Blackberry Internet Subscription codes. Your android device will be registered as a blackberry device while browsing on the internet. Its also like changing your I.p but this time around you are changing all your androiddevice registration data to that of a blackberry.

Changing of imei dies not affect installation of your android apps or data speed, it merely changes the internet configuration

Blow I have outline the way to change your android imei to that of a blackberry

How to Change Your Android Imei using a Blackberry Imei

First thing you have to do is to download a blackberry imei generator....
(Search query on google:Download Blackberry imei gen.apk)

Download link for downloads will come up and you get to download the software.
Download and install BlackBerry imei generator.

This software will generate a valid BB imei for you.

The second thing to do is to enter the Engineering mode of your android device. This can be done using Android MobileUncle .

Download android mobile uncle Using this [link www.mediafire.com/download/scdk1owfzj0eclm/Mobileuncle.toolbox.apk]

Install the software.

To access the Engineer Mode of
your Android device, dial any
of these codes with your device
*#*#3646633#*#* or *#7465625#

If none
of this codes works on your device, you have to access your android device engineer mode using the MobileUncle
Software you have already installed.

How To Access Engineer Mode Of My Android Device using Mobile Uncle Software.**

After you might have installed MobileUncle software, select Engineer
Mode to Engineer Mode (MTK).

Now on your Engineer Mode, the first menu option there is the
Telophony, Just navigate to the second menu
option Connectivity by the right
On the Connectivity options, go down
and choose CDS Information>Radio
Information>Phone2 and you should now
see the “ AT+ ” command line without the
quotation. Note here that the Phone2 you
chose above signifies that you are changing
the IMEI of your SIM2
= =>Now just add this command
EGMR=1,10,”Your 15 digit BB IMEI” to the
AT+ line to have something like this AT
+EGMR=1,10,”357490978658998” ande
then press the SEND AT COMMAND button.
You will now get a successful command sent
message, just press done and reboot your
phone, then use *#06# to confirm that your
IMEI has changed.

Note from the command line above, if you
press the SEND AT COMMAND button after
inputting on the command line as indicated
and you get an error message, then rewrite the
command line with a space in between AT
and +EGMR i.e. AT
(space) +EGMR=1,10,”Your 15 digit BB
IMEI” so it will now look like this AT
+EGMR=1,10,”Your 15 digit BB IMEI” and
always remember to include the double
opening and closing quotations on the IMEI
part of the command line only as indicated.
Again as mentioned above, it was the
Phone2(SIM2) IMEI that was changed, so if
you want to change the IMEI of your SIM1,
when you get to the Radio Information as
You have done above, instead of choosing the
Phone2 option, now choose the Phone1 and
the AT+ command line should now be AT
+EGMR=1,7”Your 15 digit BB IMEI”
against AT +EGMR=1,10,”Your 15 digit BB
IMEI” which was for Phone2(SIM2). Complete
the rest of the process as you have done before.

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