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Governor of Anambra State, His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano, Speech during a Special Dinner to mark the 25th Anniversary of Anambra State

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Anambra@25 Anniversary Dinner holding at
Governor's Lodge, Amawbia... We're

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Please, Let’s Do it Together
Remarks by the Governor of Anambra State, His
Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano, during a
Special Dinner to mark the 25th Anniversary of
the State on Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ndi Anambra kwenu! Kwenu!! Kwenu!!!
Kwezuenu o!
Umu nnem, on the 25th Anniversary of
Anambra State, I am not standing here
tonight, to tell you the history of our great
state. Mbanu! We are all familiar with how
our journey started as a state. Neither am I
standing here to bore you with my account of
stewardship as the governor in whose time, our
beloved state turned 25. I think most of are
fairly familiar with that too.

Ndi Anambra, I am standing here tonight to
tell you that there is so much work to do to
build a better future for our children but the
government of Anambra State cannot do it all
alone. I am standing here to remind you that
the only way we can move this great state
forward is to do it together, to think together,
to push together and to build together!
Experience has shown that when people work
together, they always win! Umu nnem, this is
probably the reason why after 25 years of
efforts by successive regimes to make this state a
better place, Anambra is still work in progress.
Nevertheless, at this juncture, I must not fail to
acknowledge the great sacrifices made by so
many illustrious indigenes of Anambra State to
drive the wheels of development in our
communities. It is a thing of joy to realise that
since the end of the Nigerian Civil War, Ndi
Anambra have never waited for any
government to provide access roads,
scholarships, electricity, community schools,
town hall blocks, cottage industries and
recreational facilities for them. We have always
stepped out through the various Town Unions
to push the boundaries of modernity in our
communities … and where necessary, our
illustrious brothers and sister have taken it
upon themselves to build important amenities
in their communities as their personal
contributions to community progress. So,
Anambra has many philanthropists who find
fulfilment in spreading joy in our
communities. That is a heritage we share, umu
nnem. Among us are also great entrepreneurs
who have not only contributed to the growth of
the nation’s economy but have also created
thousands of jobs to keep our youths off the
streets. Ndi Anambra, that is who we are! That
is the famous Anambra spirit. We don’t wait
for the wind to change in our favour. We go
against the wind and leave a large mark for
generations yet unborn. Anyi bu Odogwu!
Odogwu aburo guy name! Unu anakukwa aka
ebe aoo!
Dalunu! Ndi Anambra, this is a dinner. So, I
must not speak too long. But before I take my
seat here tonight to celebrate with you all, I
must also acknowledge our great sons and
daughters who have done us proud in Nigeria
and across the world. These include the school
children who have represented Nigeria in world
debate championships, scientists who have
contributed to human advancement, writers
and thinkers who have changed the perception
of the very idea of the black as a human
being, bankers whose ideas have changed
Nigeria’s financial landscape, traders and
businessmen and women who have dominated
commerce across Africa and of course the
members of the clergy whose prayers have kept
things in the balance for every one of us here.

Anambra nwelu ebu, nwe nfu! We have wealth
creators and those who scatter riches. We have
geniuses among us but we also have madmen
and women who continue to add drama to
our everyday life. These are the attributes of a
great household. There must be the good and
the not-so-good children but they are all
equally loved. Everyone is important to us. We
cannot keep one and throw the other away.
That is the spirit of Anambra.

That is what has
sustained our legend…The belief that where one
thing stands, another thing stands beside it.
Nothing ever stands alone in the philosophy of
our people! Umu nnem, okwa eziokwu kam

Ladies and gentlemen, as we brace up for the
challenges before us in the next 25 years, we
may do well to remember that my team and I
have created the enabling environment that we
have all been waiting for.

Anambra is the
safest state in Nigeria at the moment. Take my
word for it! We have mastered the counter-
response strategy to emergency situations like
kidnapping. We have also set up the Anambra
State Investment Promotion and Protection
Agency ANSIPPA to help our people set up their
businesses here. ANSIPPA makes the process of
investing in our dear state very easy.

tell our brothers and sisters across the world to
think Anambra when they think of investment.
Tell them to think Anambra when they are
thinking of setting up a new business. Please,
remind them of what our ancestors mean by
the saying Aku luo uno, amalu onye kpalu
ya! Ndi Anambra must bring their wealth
Finally, I wish to make a case for love and
brotherhood among us. I wish to appeal for
peace and harmony.

Let us all beat our cudgels
into ploughshares and trim this garden of
possibilities called Anambra State! Let us
embrace one another in love and celebrate our
great state, our great history and our common

Ndi Anambra, let us holds hands together as
one tonight and say NEVER AGAIN to the bitter
quarrels of yesterday. Above all, let us
remember that United, we stand but Divided we
fall. Maka na anyuko mamili onu, ogbo

It is on this note that I urge everyone here
tonight to stand up and join me in singing a
birthday song for our dear state.

Oya, common everybody! Let’s sing –
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you Anambra!
Happy Birthday to you!
Hip Hip Hip – Hurray!
Umu nnem, as settle back to our seats, we
shall show you a little documentary that tries
to capture the power and the glory of Anambra
State in 30 minutes.
I wish you a Happy viewing experience!


Willie Obiano

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