Sunday, August 7, 2016

Four Teenagers caught for trafficking Human skull in Akwa Ibom

Four teenagers were caught in akwa ibom for possesing Human skulls.

The Akwa Ibom state Police command revealed that the suspects were arrested by officers of the
Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on
receiving an alert from vigilant youths in
the area.

The alleged leader of the group, Emmanuel
Edet Ikot denied the accusation claiming
that he only found a human skull while working at an uncompleted
building for a man who had paid him to
cut grasses.

Emmanuel Ikot said: “ I was paid to cut
grass and clean up an uncompleted
building by one man in Oron. As i was
clearing the place i stumbled on a
human skull. I then rushed to inform
my friends of what I found and in the
company of those my friends, we went
to pick the human skull. After picking it,
we decided to sell it, but we did not
know of any possible buyer. So, it was
suggested by one of us that we take it
to a native doctor in Mbo. The four of
us went together but on our way, we
were held by the youth leader of Mbo.
After the skull was found on me, he
called the police to arrest us. That is
why we are here. I have not sold
human parts before.”

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