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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Confessoon: 35years old man confesses that his pastor pushed him into stealing peoples' cars

A 35 year old man Olawale Olabinwonnu, working
with Cherubim and Seraphim Church in
Igbogbo, Ikorodu, as an administrative officer,
was arrested by RRS Intelligence Team on
Tuesday, August 2nd, for trying to sell a
Nissan Sentra, 2015 Model, stolen at gun-

Operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of the LagosState Police Command, told news men that the suspect confessed that his pastor pushed him into selling of stolen

The car he stole and wanted to sell before he was caught .

The story reveals that

The original vehicle number was changed to a
fake one (APP 510 DW) in order to sell it. It
was recovered on Monday, August, 1st 2016 at
a car park in Lekki, Lagos. The man who took
the custody of the vehicle came forward to
welcome before he was arrested. He assisted
the police in the arrest of its marketer in
Ikorodu several days later.
Olawale sensed something was wrong with
the vehicle, parked out of his Ikorodu residence
and office along with his family to evade
arrest. He was tracked on Sunday to another
church in Ikorodu where he was arrested last
Sunday after church service.
The vehicle, which is owned by one of the first
generation banks in the country, was reported
stolen at gun point when robbers invaded an
hotel in Iju-Ishaga area where the manager of
the bank was lodging. The robbers were
reported to have requested for the car key from
the banker before making away with it along
with other valuables. According to Olawale,
"The vehicle was given to me to sell by Ahmed
Abbey. I met him at Dammy Jay Hotel,
Ikorodu. I went there to drink and he came to
my table, bought drinks for everybody. That
was how I liked him... When I was going
home, I told him I was going home and he
gave me N2, 000. Those were moments I was
struggling and I had no job... I saw Abbey
later that week to explain how he could help
me get some money because I had no job. This
was the time he asked me if I could help his
sister ,who was travelling overseas to sell her
car. And, I told him that I would try... I
consulted my pastor twice on the issue of
helping him sell a car. First, the pastor told
me to go ahead and collect the car from him
and sell it. I took the car from Abbey and
began to market it but after about three
weeks, I couldn’t get a buyer. He took the car
from me. Some weeks later, I stumbled on him
with the car and he challenged me that I
didn’t want to help his sister sell her car...
After a while, we agreed that I will help him
to look for buyer. I consulted my pastor again
for him to pray about it. This time, the pastor
introduced me to somebody in Lekki who has
a car park at a very conspicuous place, where
we can put the car for sale... It was here the
car was until I learnt that the car was stolen
at gun-point... Since I was arrested, I have
been calling Abbey to come and explain to
the police that he gave me the car to sell, but
most of the time, he avoided my calls, at
times, he switched off his phone... Presently,
he's no longer picking any call on that line."
The State Police Public Relations Officer, SP
Dolapo Badmos, noted that the suspect is
helping the Police with investigation, adding
that efforts are on-going to arrest others. The
suspect along with the vehicle has been
transferred to Special Anti-Robbery Squad
(SARS) for further investigations.

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