Tuesday, July 19, 2016

SS2 Student Stabbed To Death while Playing Street Football

Michael Tanko was an orphan who came to live with his uncle after his only remaining sibling died last year.
while playing street football
boys playing football on the street

Playing football on the street is a normal thing up to the point where it brings up issues like this.

In okota Lagos state, an Ss2 student named Michael Tanko of the Hills International School was stabbed to death in a bloody clash between Youths of the environment during a street football match.
A report by Vanguard said one of the players stabbed Michael Tanko to death because of a misunderstanding during the street game.. It was gathered that a group of boys from neighbouring Taiwo street came to join them to play football but were asked to wait for their turn. Not long after after the end of the first round, another set of players, among who were the taiwo street boys, were expected to take over the football pitch, but eyewitnesses said they were not allowed to play , that was the reason for the fight.

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In this situation, One of the boys, Kayode Babayanju, of 8, Taiwo Street, was reported to have stabbed Michael Tanko in the hollow of his left elbow. Michael Tanko, reportedly chased his Kayode until he became dizzy and slumped. He was confirmed dead moments before reaching the hospital he was rushed to. The doctors at the hospital reported that Michael Tanko bled to death, as the arteries in the hollow of the elbow were cut. Michael Tanko was an orphan, he came to live with his uncle in Lagos last year, after his only sibling died.

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The mother of the culprit, kayode was reported to have gone to beg Michael Tanko's uncle but all plea fell on deaf ears as She was asked to produce Kayode for the police. Kayode was reported to have fled the scene after he committed the act Meanwhile Michael Tanko's corpse has been deposited at the Isolo General Hospital morgue.

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