Monday, July 18, 2016

See photo : John Dumelo embarks on a door to door campaign for NDC

Campaigning for NDC

According to, Top Ghananian Actor John Dumelo has been on a mission to captures the achievements of President John Mahama and the NDC, he is visiting several remote places—deceiving convincing people why JM deserves a second chance. John Dumelo has become a political junkie and he is doing the grass root campaign for the NDC using his popularity as a weapon. He also had a book showing the accomplishment of the president and in that way soliciting for their support to the president.
john dumelo

The photo is ironic though—looking at the background of these two women, do they really need a book to tell them who to vote for? John’s smartness and dedication is commendable. He has realized the movie industry is dead and has jumped into the corrupt pool of politics, where money can easily be made and it seems he will soon be swimming in cash.

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 We just hope he does not come back to tell us he was only telling these people about PEACE and not campaigning for the NDC just as he told us after the last general elections.
Politics has become the game for nollywood actors and actresses.

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