Monday, June 29, 2015


I was surfing through the pages on facebook and i came to see a post made by a fellow comrade of the University of portharcourt VWEDE SOTU concerning the recent policy made by the management of the University of portharcourt that any student that does not pay his/her fees 2weeks to the exams is no longer a student of the University of portharcourt for that session and has to have/ repeat that year. This has been the reason for the uproar in the University and students have been having sleepless nights because of this.

Here is what he said

20th June, 2015. Mr President Sir, AN OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT MUHAMMADU BUHARI (GCFR) I bring you greetings from Nigerian students in the University of Port Harcourt

Sir, you will agree with me that about 70% of Nigerians live below the poverty line. This firm knowledge, I think was what prompted your party’s resolve to promise to dole out the sum of five thousand naira monthly to the poorest of the poor in our society. By your party’s calculations, this welfarist scheme will to a large extent help to mitigate the sufferings of most Nigerians until such a time when your government is able to provide/create wealth for the Nigerian population. Sir, considering the level of poverty that abounds in the land, most Nigerian students have resorted to combining both work and studying, so as to enable them meet up with the demands of tertiary education in Nigeria. 

Sir, the tradition anywhere in the country has always been that school authorities allow students enough time to gather funds with which to pay their fees on or before the end of second semester of that academic session. Sir, it seems with your emergence as President, this standard is not only changing but changing very fast. This is because the Senate of the University of Port Harcourt sat sometime in the month of April and decided that any student who fails to pay his/her fees before the commencement of 1st semester examination ceases to be a student for the session. The implication is that such student must defer his admission for the session and come back the next academic session.
Sir, it will interest you to note that the said senate decision was taken while the 2014/2015 academic session is on. And so it does not give room for students to properly digest and then make necessary adjustment in their plans considering that the same University senate had earlier reviewed upwards the financial obligations of the students. The excuse the management gave was that cost of living is becoming increasingly expensive in the country which is not in any way the fault of the Nigerian students of the University of portharcourt. 

To any Uniport Student reading this{ this is unacceptable and wicked and i personally do not like it one bit. i am not making this post for myself but for the millions that havent paid their fees and are on the verge of losing an academic session. please, do well to share this post with all your friends on facebook and any other social network as i have done, you never can tell what may happen.

To any Capable Government official/Mr President { please Sir/Ma, the nigerian students of the university of portharcourt are in a quest to save their destinies and actualize their dreams which is being baricaded by this werewolf called school fees, please do help in any way you can, make that call and hold those meetings and dialogue on the future of the Uniport students, we do appreciate.

To God Almighty  we pray you help us achieve our dreams as there is nothing impossible  for God to do.


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