Sunday, September 7, 2014

Coming to India: Nokia Lumia 830 for 26,000Inr

IBN Live reports that Microsoft Mobile is planning
to bring the Nokia Lumia 830 to India in October.

The handset, which Microsoft Mobile dubbed an
“affordable flagship” features a number of high end
features, and will be retailing for around 26,000
INR ($430).

"We want to continue to push point lower and
lower than anything we have today.

That’s the
statement for both 3G and LTE (4G) because that
is the thing which gives us scale of the
ecosystem," Microsoft’s Mobile Device Sales,
Corporate Vice President Chris Weber said.

Microsoft Mobile plans to leverage Indian
operators’ plans to launch high speed 4G LTE
services to push their new handsets.

"We are also trying to push price point even lower
on LTE devices like 635 to take advantage of that
(Indian telecom operators plan to launch 4G
services) opportunity.

The goal is to make sure
that we have a full portfolio that plays into that
opportunity," Weber said.

Microsoft has not launched their highest end
handset, the Nokia Lumia 930, in India, and it is not
clear if the Nokia Lumia 735 will be coming to the
subcontinent also.

Most Indian telecom operators have not rolled out
4G network in the country yet due to the price of
"We have lot of conversations going on with
operators but specifically we are very bullish on
LTE opportunity in India. Our conversation had
been quite productive," Weber said.

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