Saturday, July 26, 2014

Happy Birthday: Iconic Blogger Ugochukwu is +1 Today

 cus I am +1  today. I thank God because of the Life he has given me.

Its not been easy because the road to success is not a Rosy one.

To all my Family and Friends,Facebook friends, coursemates, members of 9japarlour news cast fellow bloggers who sent me tons and tons of messages wishing me Long life and prosperity, I love you all. A man is not loved until he is appreciated and the tact that I am shows my existence in this World is of Utmost Importance.

A man can do nothing without God and Friends.

Please do well to join my page because blogging is what I love doing.

I wish you all prosperity in all you do, you will be loved The same way you loved me.

This a A Great day for me July 26th.

I also want to recognise Ruby Valiant, we were both born on the same day Years ago(no am not a twin if you were thinking so)

I Love you all, let the fire keep burning!!!™

Ugochukwu Charles blogging

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