Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Daylight Robbery: 27 years old guy robbed of his money in front of First Bank at Iwofe in Portharcourt

The normal activity at iwofe, portharcourt was put to a halt as armed robbers robbed a young man who was going to deposit money in the bank.

The young man (name withheld)  and his friend was said to have come down from a tricycle (kekenapepe) with a small school bag containing money when a car (spider) carrying four thugs cut him off.

This happened around 11:37am today.

One of the thugs at the backseat came down with a gun (a.k47) and started shooting. He fired shots in the air continuously(about 16times) as he was few meters to the young guy with the bag. His friend by then was no where to be found.

The young man continued running until the thug fired a shot at him. By this time, another thug(huge and stronger) came down with his own gun. There was a red clothe tired on his gun. He held his gun upward and was looking as if he was going to shoot at any moment. The others didn't come down as they were ready for a Getaway

Normal activities in the area stopped as everyone hid in fear. Those already close to the thugs(in the car, there was traffic jam) stopped their car and lay down flat on the Ground in fear of a stray bullet.

The young man's bag was taken by the thug who went back to join The group in the car.

bank robbery


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